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We can already determine in which direction cash loan offers are heading. Experts predict changes that they think are inevitable. What do potential borrowers need to know about?

In this article, we will introduce you to several options that can have a very large impact on the entire financial market, and above all on all products that are in the offer of universal banks. Individual customers will experience the biggest changes. We will tell you whether it is worth waiting for a loan decision or applying for debt before the end of 2015.

Higher total cost of credit

Higher total cost of credit

Along with the new year, primarily changes are planned that will particularly affect financial institutions. Banks will be forced to pay taxes on assets, the bill is already very controversial. Former deputy prime minister of finance suggests that taxes in the financial sector will not last long and pose a serious threat to bank customers.

As many as 7 institutions have already decided to raise, among others mortgage costs. It is also planned to increase the costs of maintaining personal accounts, change the fees associated with the credit card and withdrawals from ATMs. Borrowers can also expect higher costs if the nominal interest rate is not raised, banks will be looking for additional income through higher fees and preparation fees.

Already at the beginning of 2016, the composition of almost the entire Monetary Policy Council will change, this is another reason for potential changes. Although experts say that it will be necessary to raise reference interest rates of the National Bank of Poland. There were, however, concerns about new MPC members, the current government’s policy may lead to an attempt to keep record low rates in order to revive the economy, but it is risky.

Cheaper until the end of the year


You have little time to decide on the debt, which will be more favorable due to the promotional conditions that were foreseen for customers applying for a loan by the end of the year. However, you still have the chance not only for cash without unnecessary formalities but above all for a very low cost of credit. The simplified cash application process ensures almost instant cash withdrawals.

Loan and Credit Bank proposes a 0.00% loan by the end of 2015, the only cost of the commitment is the commission for granting the loan – worth 5.00%. The maximum amount of zero-interest loans is USD 5,000.00. The service is available not only to regular customers of Loan and Credit Bank but to all interested parties. The longest repayment term is 12 months, thanks to which the customer has the chance to spread the debt into attractive low installments, matching his creditworthiness. An advantage of the offers is certainly a guarantee of payment within one day at the latest from the conclusion of the contract.

If you are wondering whether to take advantage of the current loan offers for any purpose, or wait with it for some time – definitely be interested in products that encourage very good conditions.