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Not everyone has the debt , is necessarily overindebted . In the first case , there is no reason to worry, because the mere existence of debts is usually not life-threatening . Only if you are in arrears with the payments or they are completely absent , is there an over-indebted situation. The course to debt counseling in Papenburg should then be done as quickly as possible in order not to let the mountain of debt continue to grow. In 2017 , the debtor’s share in Papenburg was about 10-11 percent . This has resulted in data collections of the debtor Atlas. Due to the many households affected by over-indebtedness, debt counseling in Papenburg is in demand.

Debt counseling services in Papenburg

Caritas Association for the district of Emsland Caritas Association for the district of Emsland

Domhof 18
49716 Meppen

Phone: 05931 9842-0
Fax: 05931 8930-5


SoVD counseling center Aschendorf (Sozialverband Deutschland eV) SoVD counseling center Aschendorf (Sozialverband Deutschland eV)

Von-Galen-Straße 19
26871 Papenburg

Telephone: 04962 914117


Remmers, Molzahn & Colleagues | Lawyers & Specialist Lawyers Remmers, Molzahn & Colleagues | Lawyers & Specialist Lawyers

Main channel right 32
26871 Papenburg

Telephone: 04961 91070


Where do you find debt counseling offices in Papenburg?

Debtors can be advised in Papenburg, among others, at non-profit debt advice centers and help. For example, those affected by over-indebtedness can turn to the Caritas Association for the Emsland region . Trained members of the association can advise you on debt and personal bankruptcy and work with you to develop a plan that can lead to debt reduction and debt relief as quickly as possible.

Debt counseling is free of charge if public institutions such as the aforementioned association are visited in Papenburg. Long waiting times , however, often have to be taken into account, as the free debt counseling service in Papenburg is particularly heavily used. If you prefer a quick appointment , you can alternatively entrust yourself to a specialist lawyer for debts or insolvency law , but only advises against payment and helps.

What services does a debt counseling offer in Papenburg?

If you, as a Papenburger, find yourself in a financial emergency and can not find a way out on your own, you can claim various services from a debt counseling service . Whether for free or for a fee, a professional debt counseling usually includes the following offers:

You want to avoid long waiting times? Then we recommend a lawyer for debt counseling in Papenburg.

  • Concept development for debt reduction or debt relief
  • Assistance in contacting and negotiation with the creditors
  • Initiation and implementation of insolvency proceedings if a private insolvency is necessary

Regardless of whether they seek help from a lawyer or entrust the debt counselors a nonprofit organization, it does not matter how high you are over-indebted. In any case, you will be offered help if you need a debt counseling service in Papenburg.